Here are for both solid wire & strand wire. 

For unilateral extrance hole type like PCT-21 series&PCT-41 series,

each connector is internally conductive! Therefore live wire,neutral wire, and ground wire can not insert into the same connector.

Otherwise it will cause short circuit.So in any case, one must be used for the live wire, one for the neutral wire.

These series are cage spring structure,operate handles to connect.Below are usafe for your reference.


For PCT-21 series(222-41series):hard wire  0.08-4.0mm²,soft wire :0.08-2.5mm².

Mounting Clip for PCT-21 series

If you need fix the connectors,you can choose DF-21 to install like photo.


For PCT-41 series(221-41series):hard wire  0.2-4.0mm²,soft wire :0.14-4.0mm².