Wiring method practical summary: comparison of several terminal blocks, in the end it won a lot!

Release time:04-08-2016

In the decoration or daily maintenance work, the inevit […]

In the decoration or daily maintenance work, the inevitable work of the master of hydropower is wiring. This operation seems simple, but it is related to the normal operation and work progress of the entire project. The basic operation level of an electrician can also be judged from the wiring. The highly skilled plumber's wiring is not only skilled and fast, but the most important thing is that the wiring is firm and will not loosen. Here is a summary of the operation skills of the small editor in the daily work!

Comparison of several common wiring methods summarized in daily operation

1.Insulation tape wiring

This method is the simplest and most common method using insulating tape. First connect the wires by manual wiring, and then tighten them with insulating tape.

Disadvantages: slow wiring, easy to loose tape, easy to age, so it is gradually eliminated.

Later we used more advanced crimping caps.

2.Ordinary plastic crimping cap

This ordinary plastic crimping cap is more advanced than using insulated tape to connect. It only needs to plug the wire into the crimping cap and clamp it with crimping pliers. It is much faster than manual wiring, but it also has a Fatal disadvantage.

Disadvantages: It is not easy to clamp when installing, and there will be looseness.

3. Spiral crimping cap

Compared with ordinary plastic crimping caps, the spiral crimping caps have one more thread, which can be tightened by hand after successful crimping to a certain extent.

Disadvantages: It needs to be tightened again after clamping, which is more labor-intensive, and all the wires must be pulled apart and tightened one by one.

4. Ultimate version: plug-in terminal

The plug-in terminal of Amplinn is easy and fast to operate. As for the wire stripping, it can be directly pulled out, which is firm, reliable and very convenient. For an ordinary home decoration, a home decoration can save about a man-made time, isn't it convenient?

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